I like to go sketch things in the park sometimes. There's no shortage of interesting subjects. Quite handy to live nearby during a pandemic when figure drawing classes are only online. Drawing a 3D subject that's right in front of you is way better than through a computer screen.

This pirate has two of every pirate trope: parrots, peg legs, eye patches... Doesn't really seem that hyperbolic in 2021... His defiant pose, combined with his outrageous excess, reminded me of something from some anime, or a Nick Cage character.

The sculptor, Peter Coffin, had this to say (quoted in the SF Chronicle): 

The pirate should stand “strong as a timeless hero or anti-hero here to defy authority and the status quo,” continued the artist. “He lives apart from the conventions of bourgeois society and breaks the rules to make new ones.”

My process: drew a rough sketch in my sketchbook, then took a photo and traced over my sketch and added color on my iPad using Procreate app.

UPDATE: I knew something seemed off about this, then I was walking by the statue the other day and realized I forgot to draw his coattail, so I sat down and drew the missing elements.

This made me realize that I should be using this blog to focus on process (and all the bumps and mistakes), not end results.